Review of Writers Rehab: Ramadan Planner

We thought we would start off our reviews section with an item that was gifted by a dear friend.

So every year, I look our for a good Ramadhan journal because as someone who likes to capture thoughts 😉 – journals are my best friend.

Every year though I find myself buying a £15-£20 journal which has tons and tons of writing in it, with little space for me to write down. Or the journal has focused heavily on looking attractive and forgotten the content. So I was looking for a basic, simple, good looking Ramadan journal with prompts to do good deeds.

I was delighted to receive this journal as a gift from a friend. It’s thin, nothing extra, concise and part of the black on black range! I’ve been able to keep this in my bag for work, write in it throughout the day and at night. It has pages at the back for extra notes which i’ve used for a du’a list. This has really aided me so far in Ramadhan.

It’s less than £10 i believe so the value for a leather bound book with standard quality paper is brilliant.

I even got the other journal from the black on black range. It’s so beautiful. The minor details make a huge difference. You can see in the first picture how all the pages are black on the sides.

I would definitely recommend these products and the business for its reasonable pricing and great service.

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