To my one true friend, my guide and my light,

I didn’t realise how lost I would be. I never thought you had this effect on me. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Where was I going without you?

I know this life is a test to see what I choose to do, and sadly I’ve been procrastinating and not keeping in contact with you. As I moved away further and further, I felt my heart go colder and colder. We use to sit up most of the night in the glimmer of the candle light, and I would hold you close and not wish to part. I wish it stayed as it was, from the start.

I began to feel as if taking a step towards you felt like climbing a mountain. This is all a trick, a plot and part of a grand scheme for indeed Iblees knows we make a great team. His aim is to drive us apart from you so we don’t act upon the messages within.

I can’t believe I felt like I had less time for you. As our connection weakened my need for you strengthened but i didn’t realise this, I didn’t realise that the sadness within me was due to your absence. I didn’t realise the empty feeling in my heart was because I did not fill it with your lessons and act upon them.

I want to recite you every day, I want to memorise all the messages that were conveyed, I want to taste the sweetness again and feel my emaan rise.

I was lost for too long and could not find my way. It baffles me how I could have gone astray but now i realise where I went wrong and it was in believing I would stay strong and be able to pick you up every day although this became increasingly difficult as the clock ticked away.

Alhamdulillah I picked you up in Ramadhan and our love story began again. Ramadhan taught me so much this year but the challenge is to keep you within my heart and to continue to move on.

Once I awoke from the slumber of indolence, I opened up my Qur’an copy and when I read your second page, I realised this is all for me again.

“This book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for the conscious of Allah.” Qur’an, Surah Al Baqarah verse 2

The journey in this world is difficult and it’s easy to go astray but with you in my heart, I will always find the way.

A letter to my Qur’an copy explaining how I lost my way and how it left me feeling lost. I hope this short post sheds light on how we as Muslims need the Qur’an for our hearts. Allah sent us the Qur’an and Sunnah to explain the way of life that we should follow and when we stop taking from it, we can see the impact it has on us mentally, within our hearts and all aspects or our life.


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