Lesson 2: Surah Al Baqarah verse 21-40

Verse 21

If you look to the translation, that this is the start of a new section of surah. New paragraph. Prior to this Allah was essentially explaining the state of the disbelievers and hypocrites. Here, Allah changes the discourse to entice and encourage people to adopt the characteristics of belief. Here Allah swt encourages mankind to worship their Lord.

Ya AyyuhannNass- the first call in the Ramadhan. There is a book just written on the calls of Allah swt. Whenever you hear this phrase you should listen attentively because a command is about to be given. Either directly or indirectly. “Oh You who believer, worship your Lord….”  Only way to attain taqwa is through worshipping Him. This is a direct command. It may seem like a simple point but it is an important point. As there are people that say that as long as you have a good heart etc. Over here that goes against everything that those people may say. You can only attain that through worship.

This verse teaches us a reason why we teach Allah. Why worship –> because he created us. We did not come into existence on our own accord.

Verse 22

More explanation of why we should worship Allah. “Who spread out the earth for you and built the sky….” – It is further reason why we should worship, for the favours that he has bestowed upon us. In the beginning of surah Al Fatiha, we learn why we worshipped Allah and this is mentioning some of the things He does for us. 

verse 23

These verses explain the nature of faith. It is not blind belief. Clearly Allah swt in this verse explains why we should worship (verse 22). That are beliefs should be based upon certainty hence if you are in doubt of what we have sent down, then produce a single surah like it.

As we know different Prophets sent with different miracles whether it be the staff turned into a snake, Easa AS able to heal the sick. The miracle of the Prophet saw was the Qur’an was to show the Arabs that this book couldn’t have come through me. It breaks the laws – that is what a miracle is. It broke the laws of literature.

Just to understand to produce a surah of the Qur’an. What is the nature of this challenge? This challenge in a way it is meaningless.

Primary objective was to ask the Arabic of that particular time to see if they could produce anything like it. Then you know for sure that it is from Allah swt.

The challenge still stands until the Day of Judgement.

This challenge is still there but not able to meet the challenge in our time as our people are no longer advanced with the Arabic language like those during jaahilyah who were experts of the language, so if they could not do it then definitely we would not be able to replicate something even close to an ayah/surah.

Our religion is a religion of proof, of certainty and it is not about out casting people without seeing the light. Eeqamatul Hujjah – Proof has been established. Need to have this proof to decide something and we leave it Allah swt.

verse 24

This is a warning that if you chose to disbelieve whilst knowing this is a miracle then you will be the fuel.

Men and stone: Some say this is in reference to the idols they use to worship and the people they would. The people themselves would be the fuel as well.

Verse 25

Fruit – may look like the same but will be completely different. In jannah you will enjoy the different tastes. You will have pure spouses – they will not be effected by distasteful things whether it be excrement, puss, blood, body odour. People of jannah, free from all that.

verse 26

To the average reader it may seem as if Allah has shifted the topic but the reality is this verse is related to the challenge Allah swt put forward before.

They would mock and jest at these parable in the Quran. Nature of people who cannot respond in a good way.

They don’t want to listen, or understand they just want to mock.

This verse is related to the challenge Allah swt put forward before.

Verse 27

 Nature of these disbelievers: those who break their covenant. Some say it was the covenant made with all of mankind. Covenants in the form of revelation. Covenants where Allah swt asks people to believe in Allah and His Prophets, but they broke that covenant especially the people of the book, after they had recognised him.

This is the bond of Prophethood. To love and respect our Prophets and not to rebel against them.

Some say it is the bond of faith in Allah.

Verse 28

How can you disbelieve in God when you were lifeless and He gave you life.

Allah swt is trying to get people to think. He is encouraging contemplation. He created the earth and all it contains for us.

Don’t confuse heaven with paradise as they are often synonymous in English language. However these are different layers of existence.

Verse 29         

Next paragraph.

The discussion has now shifted to creation of Allah swt. The connection is clear, in the previous verses Allah swt speaks to the signs that points to His oneness then the signs that speak of His ability and the signs that he created the heavens and the earth. Allah swt will now speak of the first man wo set foot on this earth.

Allah is placing a khalifah on this earth. The supreme leader of the Muslims. These are two terms used in two different ways.

Whenever you read a question in the Qur’an, a question can be posed for various reasons. That is a type of question where they are seeking guidance.

Verse 30-32

Allah swt was teaching the angels that there are things they would not understand. There is a lesson for us – there will be things that we won’t understand and we should have the attitude of the malaa’ikah.

Verse 33

Nobility of Adam and the angels realised how Adam was taught by Allah.

Verse 34

Angels told to bow to Adam.

Understanding that Iblees has a similar rank to the angels.

Iblees worshipped Allah for thousands of years and then when it came to this point he became one of the disbelievers due to his arrogance. Shows if you do not understand reality of something how it can lead you astray.

Verse 35

No matter how many years you worship if hidden disease in your heart it will cause a problem.

Verse 36

How did satan make them slip? Many stories that have different details. Details don’t usually yield much benefit.

Verse 37

Allah is accepting of repentance.

Verse 38

There will be no fear for those who will follow guidance.

After punishment he still gives hope. Indication of revelation.

Verse 39

Guidance comes after repentance. Repentance clears our hearts. Continuation of surah al fatiha.

Verse 40

Bani israeel  – tribes: Qurayzah and Banu Nadir. This serves as a reminder to them.


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