Knowledge and Action: The Keys to Success

By Sophia Malik

“Knowledge mandates action” Imaam Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee

Alhamdulillah, the importance of seeking knowledge in Islamic matters is always emphasized and many people pursue this as soon as they begin practising.

A separate but relevant topic is where to seek knowledge from and the sources available as it’s very confusing as to where one is to start and who to learn from in the current climate where there are tons of institutions, classes and halaqahs but not all are suitable.

The first question we should ask ourselves is; why are we striving to seek knowledge? Is it to gain knowledge and implement it into our lives so we can be as close to the sunnah as possible? Or is it to show our family, friends and followers that we are learning Islamic knowledge? Is it to appear righteous while our hearts are darkened? On the path of seeking the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, it is pertinent to ensure our intention is correct.

Sometimes while learning we become somewhat robotic, just taking notes down, ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing, that they are clear and we further compromise our intention by sending them on in hopes others would praise our skills and diligence not knowing our tainted intentions.

The purpose and the aim for us to seek knowledge should be to implement what we learn so that we embody the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and others learn from us and we teach them. Not only should we incorporate the lessons into our daily life but it should lead us to do things for others, to care for the creation of Allah azza wa jal.

In a class yesterday when we looked at the biography of Imam al Nawawi we reflected upon how he would write to the leaders about their rule along with other scholars and even when threatened he would not back down but he used his knowledge in service of the Ummah. When you are Muslim, you are part of a family that care for one another and with this we are expected to do all in our power to help and care for one another.

Seek knowledge for yourself and the Ummah.

May Allah azza wa jal grant us knowledge, understanding of what we learn and make us of those who act upon what we learn and be of service to the Ummah Ameen


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