Do your reminders benefit believers?

وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.

Qur’an – Surah Adh Dhariyat 51 – Verse 55

Intention is the first step.

Almost every Islamic reminders account resounds this verse as it lives up to their intention of reminding their fellow believers of Islam. Alhamdulillah through His guidance, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have created reminders accounts on social media to spread Islam. That’s many people with a noble intention to enjoin good and try to inspire others to do good.

The next step should be: creating a strategic, practical and understandable plan to achieve the aim of your account which is usually spreading Islam or reminding Muslims about the beauty of Islam.

After reviewing our work with a reputable person of knowledge, Captured Thoughts had many things to consider as a project with many goals and aspirations as we create a practical and wise plan to achieve this that would be pleasing to Allah the most High. As part of this review, we also looked at our channels online and the reminders we have sent out. We would like to share the advice to others who also have reminders accounts.

The issue we discussed is the fact there are a magnificent number of reminders accounts on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram, however all they are doing (and what Captured Thoughts do) is copy and paste reminders that fit into their set limit of characters and link them back to a channel to grow their following. This can become somewhat robotic and not have any lasting benefit. These reminders are not in any specific order, can and are misinterpreted and used where people see fit, and are without any context or explanation mostly which can breed ignorance. The questions is does this reminder benefit anyone? Is this a smart way of spreading knowledge?

A harsh reminder “not only are laymen copying and posting quotes from great scholars that had the gift of eloquent speech without context and taking parts here and there but they are doing so without understanding the needs of the Ummah” (paraphrased).

In a race for reward we often forget that we must strive to exert our effort effectively rather than put our efforts to waste and not be as beneficial as we should. Yes these reminders are nice, beneficial, can pick us up on a dark day however shouldn’t we be spreading knowledge in a strategic, simple and guided route? Currently it seems many issues can be traced back to lack of understanding of the foundations of Islam. A reminder should be a seed and not a leaf or petal. It should be about a foundation and an explanation that can be built upon, if its a leaf or petal i.e. something that should come later it will have nothing to attach itself to.

Each reminder is like a seed, you can throw it in to someone’s heart but you need to water it, you need the seed to be fertilised, you need it to grow into a beautiful plant so it can then plant it’s own seeds.

With every act or motion that is occurring we need to examine the impact these things have, the procedures, the effort and the fruit it bears. Some people are posting only reminders related to one topics which can be beneficial e.g. marriage accounts, recitation clips or heart softeners others are posting a myriad of reminders that don’t relate to one another. Or creating numerous accounts and juggling them and then struggling with their intention as they delegate this on.

The advice that Captured Thoughts has taken on and would like to share in a nutshell is:

  1. Renew your intention
  2. Be anonymous and save yourself from riyaa and having your deeds wasted
  3. Make du’a for your account to only benefit
  4. Perform istikhara before creating your accounts or if you should continue them
  5. Create one outlet or you may do injustice to a topic, scholar and lead to burn out
  6. Have this overseen by someone with knowledge and qualified
  7. Create a plan that has steps with the aim to truly benefit your followers
  8. Maybe create your account specific to one area that may match your own professional expertise or your experience e.g. childcare, marriage, psychology, finance – it really can be anything as long as it is in line with the Qur’an and Sunah
  9. Do not just copy, past and schedule
  10. Give context, elaborate and extract lessons
  11. Do not share reflections on Qur’an if you are not qualified to do so as you may lead others astray with incorrect understandings
  12. Have everything checked and renew your intentions

While studying the biography of Imam Bukhari (may Allah be pleased with him), I was astounded when we learnt that for each chapter title and for every hadith written he performed wudhu, prayed 2 rak’ah and performed istikhara. He must have done over 10,000 istikaras just for Sahih Bukhari yet we tweet and post without thinking twice.

May Allah azza wa jal, make us of those who He is pleased with, keep us sincere and be of those whose reminders benefit the believers and grant us the ability to propagate Islam correctly and with wisdom Ameen

Captured Thoughts hope to share a form of a contents page of posts to come from the sections: Back to Basics, Sisters Corner, Reflections, Gems and our other categories. Remember us in your sincere prayers.


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