Productivity guide: How to Bullet Journal

By Sophia Malik

There’s a great number of planners around which offer daily reminders, and templates to become as productive as possible. Although I love using different journals and planners, the most effective journalling method that I have used is: bullet journalling.

Bullet journaling is the new craze and it’s seen as something for artists at times as people share their creative spreads and artwork on social media. This does make it appealing but it also captures perfectly the best part of bullet journalling: customisation.

You have a book with a grid of dots, no lines no squares and just a contents page that you create.

You create a planner, a log or whatever you wish and you fill the pages with what you want.

The point of the bullet journal is to document all aspects of your life: tasks, expenditure, your professional work, goals, weight loss, tasks, spiritual taks and more.

You paint the canvas of dots with what you want.

There is a helpful video that summarises the basic set up of a bullet journal here.

The basic idea that works for me to start with:

  • Decide what you want to focus on – i listed my personal goal
  • When ever you create a spread, put the number page in the contents with a title for your page
  • Create a future log (as seen in video)
  • Create a spread for the month and write the dates on one side. On the other page list all tasks, events and other memos then you can decide on what dates to put them on and line them up.
  • Get creative!!! You can use colours, paint, draw whatever you wish.

Some suggested ideas for spreads:

  1. Monthly tasks
  2. Hifdh tracker
  3. Classes log
  4. Homework/coursework log
  5. Weight loss monitor or weight gain (depending on you)
  6. Life wheel – spiritual
  7. Savings tracker
  8. Brain dump – whatever is on your mind map it out
  9. Goals and your vision
  10. Ideas how to achieve your short term goals and long term goals in
  11. Quotes for you to look through

There’s so much to do and that you can work on. It’s all about you and what you want to make it!

Send us pictures of your bullet journals!


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