Will we attain a good ending?

Sheikh Dies While Giving A Lesson This Sheikh was giving a reminder at a wedding. As he was speaking he suddenly utters“La ilaha ila Allah” and left this world.

The above video has weighed heavy on my heart and mind since I first played it. Every day we pray, try to recite and go about our daily tasks however seldom do we remember our promised end in this life: death.

The recorded death of this sheikh, strikes a reminder deep into our hearts: we will die the way we lived and for a good end we should strive to lead a good life in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah.

May Allah azza wa jal accept his deeds and elevate him in rank Ameen. This man died while spreading knowledge, while striving to invite others to draw close to Allah and in an honourable way.

According to hadith, “If a person’s last words are Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah, Paradise will be guaranteed for him.” (Narrated by Ahmad, 21529; Abu Dawood, 3116; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Irwa’ al-Ghaleel, 687). This video epitomises the state in which we all wish for. For our last words to declare that there is no God but Allah.

This video awoke me from the heedless slumber I have found myself in and a timetable of laziness that I have grown accustomed to and I actualised the reality that if this careless, lazy attitude continued, it would mean that when it came to me passing away, I may not leave with many good deeds and have nothing left behind as sadaqah jariyah.

From a young age, I would wonder about my future: where would I study, what profession I would go into, who would I marry and how I would pass away. Constantly hearing of the deaths of those young and old would always push me into a state of reflection of how I would depart this world.

I know the angel of death can take my soul whilst I am healthy or ill, your or old. However it just dawned on me that, what if i pass away while committing a sin?

Everyone sins, we all know what we do behind closed doors however, do we think about whether these moments would be our last? We seem to rely on time we are not promised, time to repent, time to accumulate more deeds and wipe away our sins however this is all on the assumption that we have time.

I want to live every moment like it is my last. A phrase often said by people to live life without thinking of any repercussions but for me and for Muslims, it should be living with the fear that this moment may be our last and we should not be doing that which would be displeasing to The Creator.

This video, should make us think about what we are doing for the akhirah and the ummah and to take account of ourselves. There are many signs of a good ending, uttering the Laa Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah is one of them, our goal should be to have the best of endings.

May Allah azza wa jal grant us all a good ending and take us only when He is pleased with us. Ameen

“Allahum’ma ahsin ‘aaqibatanaa fil-umuri kul’lihaa wa ajirnaa min khiz’yid’dunyaa wa athaabil aakhira” “O Allah make our end better in all affairs, and save us from the disgrace in this life and the torment of the hereafter”
Busr Ibn Artaa’ said that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) used to supplicate: [the Du’a mentioned above]. Reported in Musnad Ahmed and authenticated by Ibn Katheer in his Tafseer.


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