Book Review: The Sealed Nectar by Safiur- Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri

Published by: Darussalam

Pages 440

Rating: 10/10

I remember speaking to my husband a while ago about what he would recommend someone to learn about first when they want to learn about Islam and which book or lecture series or any other source he would give. It warmed my heart when we both said and agreed that learning about Islam through the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ and The Sealed Nectar is a good book to start with.

I think this not only because i have been directed towards the same by a scholar but also because you understand Islam through learning how revelation came down, the struggles the Prophet ﷺ went through and the importance of every Qur’an verse as you see how the Prophet ﷺ would act on them immediately and how his actions embodied the Qur’an.

This book teaches you tawhid, aqidah and the basics of our faith. It enlivens your heart with the true message and love for the best of mankind.

This book is a 10/10. It has lengthy parts you can look at, at a time it would interest you but to read about the different events in his life is mesmerising and i find it most beneficial for your heart. I tend to mark all my books as i read so i can go back to bits later as i love re-reading. Best way to learn. This book, i wouldn’t let go of as i find its one book that revives my heart when i need it most. Alhamdulillah for following the Qur’an and Sunnah and being of the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ.


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