When you feel all over the place

Anxious. Sadness. Happiness. Anger. Love. So many emotions we can feel in one day. My mind is full. Not just full, overflowing.

I find myself filled with different emotions. A constant checklist of things to do or to buy. A constant need to keep checking my phone for something new to present itself.

Overwhelmed yet bored. It’s strange.

I want to be able to enter my mind through a door with my arms filled with storage boxes, cleaning supplies and a labeller and physically compartmentalise everything there. I want to declutter my mind of the pointless worries and dust away the cobwebs of the past.

It’s my need to physically change and act that drives that desire although impossible. So what can I do instead that is possible with the prospect of success?

I’m going to start tomorrow with one change in my day that I have wanted to for some time. Then go from there. Change can take time but I want to free myself.

Why is this such a concern for me? Until I don’t clear my mind and feel like my brain isn’t fuzzy and overworked, I won’t be applying myself to the various areas of my life efficiently. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Other tips I came across when looking how to not feel all over the place:

  • Make du’a for a healthy, clear mind
  • Create a realistic timetable with less things to do
  • Take it step by step
  • Give yourself 20 minutes a day no screen time. Think and even write out your thoughts.
  • Keep a diary
  • Take less on not just physical acts but thoughts too

I hope we can all benefit and can have healthy, happy minds.


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