Sisters’ Corner

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are women.” (Bukhari)

As a woman, this hadith really resonates with me. Our Prophet ﷺ saw with his own eyes that the majority of the hellfire are women and told us of this. We therefore must take heed and help one another as sisters of Islam to ensure we are not of those women. Whenever I am reminded of it, I shudder and wonder if I will be of those women. Many of our planned posts are topics that women can relate to and are in regards to issues women face. We thought we would put all of these under one section of our site to create a concise map for all women to turn to. We hope, with the permission of Allah, the Most High that we may be of those saved from His fire and under His shade, so we will be writing and posting about topics that will help us be of the women of Jannah.

Some of the topics we have drafted and will be posting include:

  • What makes a strong women?
  • Purification (particularly after menstruation)
  • External beauty and cosmetic surgery
  • Holding your tongue and backbiting
  • Hijab
  • Looking for your other half
  • Love before marriage
  • Being an ambassador of Islam
  • The manners of a Muslim woman
  • Mental Health
  • Working as a Muslim women
  • “All men are trash”
  • Beauty tips
  • Marriage and intimacy
  • Polygamy
  • Guidelines to interacting with the opposite sex
  • Seeking knowledge at home

And many more!

So look out for all of our posts and we pray they are of benefit to everyone. If you are a brother, please do share this with the sisters in your family.

We ask Allah to keep us sincere, ensure all that is written is pleasing to Him and correct.

Please note our posts are checked by a scholar or student of knowledge.